Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chameleon Chair

Sometimes I get so excited and giggly about the perfect little details of an event and these chairs are the reason for my smile today!

Everyone can have fun while choosing color and fabric for these chairs that are trendy, fashionable and exquisite.

Chameleon Chair Collection is just one example of a great company that can totally transform a boring seating arrangement!

Take a look at a few fantastic options below or check out the chameleonchair.com website!

Teal Leatherette w Rosette on Brown Legs

Two Tone Gold Fanfare with Turqoise Suede Cushion

Chameleon I Fleur de Lis with Gold Bichon Cushion

Ruffles with Marilyn Topper & White Stretch Knit Cushion & Silver Legs

Olive Taffeta Petals Topper and Cushion on Brown Legs

Ruffles with Lilybelle Topper & Black Stretch Knit Cushion & Black Legs

Ruffles with Cavalli Topper & Purple Velvet Cushion & Silver Legs